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She got me to take action!

Des is the only person who got me to take action and grow my handmade brand's presence outside of Etsy. So grateful and definitely staying in BBS!
Antoniya Zorluer (Founder at She Hustlin)

Antoniya ZorluerFounder at She Hustlin

So many knowledge bombs!

Your Instagram course has more knowledge bombs than the entire air force!
Jason Regan (Business Coach)

Jason ReganBusiness Coach

I took Desi's Instagram course and this happened...

My Instagram account got 140 new followers in a week and the engagement per post is insane!
Ani Alexander (Podcaster & Best-Selling Author)

Ani AlexanderPodcaster & Best-Selling Author

What's your brand metaphor?

I call myself Chief Badass. Not because I’m not humble or mind-blowingly grateful to everybody in my life… But because that’s how people know me. It’s why they like me, why they relate to me and why they want my guidance.​

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