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Your target market is the 1st and most essential piece of your brand strategy – and a big focus here, in BBS.

She knows her stuff!

I've had a very successful business for over 22 years - every single time I get on a call with Des, my business improves within 24 hours! She knows her stuff.
Jerry West (SEO Expert)

Jerry WestSEO Expert

My income grew by 614%!

Ever since I started working with Des, my income has been growing exponentially. She's the real deal, she has integrity - what more do you want?
Nadya Rousseau (Instagram Growth Strategist)

Nadya RousseauInstagram Growth Strategist

8 people signed up and paid me in no time!

When Desi pushed me to get over myself and go on live video, I followed her advice and tactics - and sold my course to 8 people from 1 video!
Lacey Dawn Jackson (Intuitive Healing Coach)

Lacey Dawn JacksonIntuitive Healing Coach

What's your brand metaphor?

People call me The Branding Queen – not because I wear a crown every day (well, I do have one on my collarbone…), but because when it comes to branding, I know my stuff better than most.

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