Toma Mat

Toma is a makeup artist. She is twice winner of crafting competitions. Her works are published in a book. Toma is inventor and discoverer of some decorating techniques, which were highly valued in her country.

Jean Claude Dimech

Jean Claude Dimech is a dance specialist and a qualfied sports coach, with extensive experience in child pedagogy, who uses dance to build self confidence, strengthen emotional intelligence and increase sociometric compatibility by learning to work in partners and understanding your partner in more ways than verbal communication.

Fernando Sustaita

E-Commerce expert, Fernando helps people launch their ecommerce business allowing them to leave their 9-5 behind by identifying their best opportunity

Debora Luzi

Debora is an intuitive and daring business mentor who teaches entrepreneurs to become a magnet to their ideal soul clients, (through unleashing their genius, splashing their creativity all over their business and connecting them to their intuition).

Juliette Stapleton

Known as The Queen Of Visibility, Juliette Stapleton is an internationally known Visibility Strategist with thousands of students and clients from more than 30+ countries.

Sue Ritchie

I help stressed out business women who are busting a gut to rebalance, refocus and revitalise whilst boosting their success. I am The Business Woman's Master Coach. Fun fact: I was born in Malaysia and grew up on a rubber plantation.

Bori Bojthe

Bori is an award-winning international photographer whose work has been exhibited in the Louvre and featured in The Exposure Award Portrait Collection book. Bori transforms people through her portraits and empowers entrepreneurs through this transformation, improve their professional life, elevate their brands and transform their business to a higher level.

Melanie Falvey

Video Strategist and creator of the Videos that Sell System. Founder of Expert Channel TV. My mission is to give you the tools, skills and confidence you need to turn your viewers into clients.

Matthew Moody

Grand Master - League of Extraordinary Investors. I help busy entrepreneurs invest in high-yielding properties in their spare time through our global professional investment community. 25 year business professional with $4.25 million real estate portfolio who has trained thousands of investors over the past 14 years.

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Tez Clark

Personal Health Professional

Svetoslav Dimitrov

Copywriting Expert. Svetoslav helps conscious entrepreneurs shape their message so it generates more sales and screams AUTHORITY.

Sushmita Jain

Business Strategist. Sushmita skyrockets business owners from 0 to business success via audience attraction to creating the business and marketing plan to scale up their online business.

Steve Roller

I’m the founder of Cafe Writer, the #1 community for helping writers create profitable businesses. Transition from writing for clients to building their own business. Fun fact: I wrote my entire book, The Freelancer Manifesto, by hand in a coffee shop in Quito.

Stephanie Wray

Artist & Art Therapist. Stephanie creates colorful custom art pieces and empowers people to use art as a way to de-stress, express and process life’s experiences.

Stasja Petrova

Facebook Ads & Email Marketing Specialist

Sonja Harris

Facebook Ads Specialist for Real Estate Agents

Simone Vincenzi

Business Strategist & Forbes Contributor. As the founder of GTex, Simone and his partner Ben have dedicated their careers to turning experts into authorities.

Simon Barry

I help executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses by focusing on key areas - systems, strategy, skills and scale. I have had 20 year corporate career as well as a 10 years in startups. I'm passionate about people and mentor and in my spare time. Fun Fact - I was born and raised in Botswana, to a family famous for conservation and preservation of indigenous people.

Siawash Zahmat

Pete Scott

Sales Consultant. Pete is UK's TOP Sales Trainer - he helps businesses 7x their sales results

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Pamela Lambe

Natasha Botbijl

Author, International Speaker, Trainer, & Mindset Coach.

Mihaela Mihailova

Marketing Consultant

Michael Kalisperas

Property Investor & Digital Design/Marketing Consultant.

Marsha van Leeuwen

E-commerce Shop Owner

Mark Johnston

Business Consultant

Maria Rosaria Di Lecce

Copyrighting Expert. Maria is on a mission to help entrepreneurs express who they are through the power of copy.

Maree Mc Guinness

Intuitive Mindset Holistic Life Coach.

Liga Karklina

Comic Artist & Illustrator

Lara Denney

Marketing Specialist


Personal Styling & Travel Consultant

Kelly Culver

Social Media & Content Consultant. Kelly helps entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable businesses online through powerful funnels.

Katia Stefanova

Public Relations Specialist & Blogger

Karolina Cz

Theta Healer

Julia Bramble

Joseph Aquilino

Podcasting Coach & Host

Jordan Suber

Published Author & Marketer. Jordan is the marketer of your dream life. He helps businesses and people design marketing strategies and execute them.

Joey Romeu

Body Transformation Coach. Joey helps people look & feel incredible with more energy, confidence & less stress.

Joe Baxter

Facebook Ads specialist

Jim Doyle

Confidence Catalyst & Energy Shifter

Jade Connelly-Duggan

Wellness Consultant. Jade does leadership leverage consults and trainings based on the Duggan Method (the art of curiosity using your body’s gps).

Ian James

Professional health coach and speaker

Helena Vernholm

Property Investor & Business Consultant. Helena sells and sources real estate globally from Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde and Australia. She also sources real estate and create capital asset investment opportunities in Cyprus, Spain and Turkey through another one of her businesses.

Guna Meldere

Brand Stylist & Web Designer.
Latvian Girl, who runs an amazing team & creates an art for entrepreneurs to feel proud of their message and make more impact, by ensuring they have a kickass visual identity, a webpage that sells and the best strategy aligned with their brand.

Gregory Giagnocavo

Business Strategist & Product Lined Extensions Expert. Gregory has many years of experience in starting, growing, and selling companies. He’s an expert at ideation and discovering hidden opportunities through product line extensions.

Gita Gavare Marotis

Confidence Strategist & Inner/Outer Beauty Advocate. Gita helps women to be shamelessly beautiful from the inside out.

Gabriella Ignácz

Wellbeing Educator, Blogger & Author. Gabriella has dedicated her career to empowering mothers and helping them have a positive experience of motherhood.

Elliot Kay

Best-selling Author, International Speaker & Business Mentor

Elīna Ermane

Edwin Abbey

Health Professional. Edwin is a health advocate  promoting the idea that if you give your body what it needs you'll be amazed at what it'll do for you. He also runs children entertaining business with balloon twisting and face painting.

Doug McIsaac

Marketing Consultant & LinkedIn Expert

Donna Hudson

Business Strategist. Donna helps  ambitious women stuck in a job to fire their boss and follow their business calling.

Diana Mae K

CEO of The Self Made Success - ? Prominent Global Incubator for Start-Up Businesses

Dessy Vassileva

Fashion Coach & Personal Stylist

Deborah Mendes

PR Professional & Podcast Coach. Deborah helps entrepreneurs create a massive ripple effect with their message.

Dean Moustafa

Founder of Superstar Phones. Dean helps people create the phone of their dreams.

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David Obrinski

Website Designer

Darren Horne

Social Media & Leadership Consultant. Using cutting edge communication techniques including social media, personal branding, leadership, and mental health, Darren I will guide you from being a farm boy to a jed knight. You were not put on this planet to work 40 or 50 hours a week doing a job you hate until you die, after all.

Darren Danks

Business Performance Coach and BBS Community Manager. Darren works with business owners to help them create a powerful mindset and productivity/organisational Systems.

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Chris Richards

International Psychology & Success Coach, Speaker and Master Hypnotherapist for Women. Chris helps you better understand the patterns of behavior or gaps in your business strategy or skill set, which limit the results you get in business. With his help, you can let go of self-limiting beliefs and accelerate your business growth.

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Caroline King

Public speaking mentor. Caroline takes people from talking heads to powerful speakers by giving them clarity of message & enabling them to make more sales.

Carla Trigo

I am the founder of Berkanawoman a platform for ladies that desire to reach higher levels of Wealth , Creativity & Intuition and lead them to manifest EVERYTHING. I a lifestyle design coach & Business Mindset Strategist.

Antoniya KZ

Etsy expert & Consultant. Antoniya helps makers become Etsy super star while making the world a better place through creativity.

Annette Ferguson

Financial & Business Strategist. Annette helps online entrepreneurs take home more money from their business.

Anna Ikerte

PartyLite consultant & Home decor specialist. Anna has dedicated her career to bringing the right fragrance in people’s lives.

Anna Howarth

Live video strategist. Anna helps entrepreneurs crush it with live streaming and bring fresh leads into their business every time they hit the "GO LIVE" button.

Ann Murphy

Holistic health coach, Wellness educator. Ann helps people live healthier lives by teaching them how to listen to their bodies - no dieting or starvation included.

Angela McMillan

Natural flow performance coach

Amela Jahic

Email marketing specialist

Aly Ashton

Designer. Aly shows people that they can keep their memories alive by turning their loved and lost loved ones leather clothing into a special item to not only treasure for the rest of time but in turn bring them comfort.

Alejandro Brussain

Digital marketing strategist. Alejandro empowers people to build authentic online strategies from unique websites to market strategies.

Alana Lackey Fournet

Health mentor. Alana reconnects women to their body's wisdom for vibrant health that lasts.

Alamgir Ahmed

Personal trainer, Journalist

Aks Siddiqi