You’re 48 hours away from having access to the most impactful experience in your life and business.

An inner circle for ambitious leaders who've dedicated their lives and careers to helping others and becoming wealthy in the process.

Here's a sneak peek of EXACTLY what you'll get if you're accepted into BBS:

We’re the engine behind many successful launches, award ceremonies, recurring revenue streams, TEDx appearances and so much more.

You may know some of our members – they’re the ones who stand out online like daisies in a field of weeds…

Like a three-piece suit at a NASCAR race….

Like… ok, you get it. We’re successful and we know it.

BBS has been around since before membership sites were trendy, and is responsible for hundreds of entrepreneurs achieving financial stability and building the recognition they've always wanted.

Our purpose:

To bridge the gap between business and branding and get you from overwhelmed to an industry leader.

Alone in a sea of thousands of other business communities, none of them focused on the power of branding.

What makes us unique also makes us dangerous – because we destroy every myth, scam and sleazy marketing tactic that comes our way.

But let’s back up here…

The online world is exhausting – and it gets even more exhausting when you keep hearing that “branding is not important”, then you turn around and someone says the exact opposite.

People throwing opinions around like confetti, leaving overwhelm and confusion everywhere they go.

Let me be the one to tell you – branding is essential. It’s the foundation of your business – but you already know that if you’re here.

Branding has helped our members…

  • Get featured in large publications
  • Land 5-figure deals in a brand new business
  • Launch their own successful membership sites
  • Increase their income with 500% in 3 months
  • Save dozens of hours weekly
  • Get invited to speak on a TEDx stage (no application necessary!)
  • Get paid for speaking

Let me ask you this…

What if every action you took and $ you spent could lead to increased trust, profit and influence?

Imagine having access to all the trainings, templates, cheatsheets and networking opportunities you need to make sure you’re leveraging every single action you take for maximum profit.

Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You’re tired of people making big claims, but proving unable to answer even the easiest of questions (or share real results)
  • You keep seeing sleazy “branding experts” who share generic, superficial advice and never even focus on the psychology behind building a successful brand
  • You’re sick of fancy webinars and gurus telling you that if you don’t do this one thing, your business will explode and you’ll go broke
  • You can’t stand cookie-cutter strategies, and, as a matter of fact, you can’t even stand the phrase “cookie cutter strategies”!

Enter: The Badass Brand Squad - your one-stop shop for growing and scaling your business with the power of branding.

Can you do it on your own? Probably. If you’ve ended up reading this line though, you already know you don’t want to risk it.

BBS will have your business growing faster than a Hollywood trend with our:

  • BBS project – A step-by-step course taking you from 0 to scaling your business to 6-7 figures.

  • In-depth trainings going deep into the psychology behind running a successful business

  • Many implementation opportunities

  • World-class community with powerful networking opportunities

Before you get all excited and eager to hit that button though… there’s something you should know.

BBS is not for everyone – it may not even be for you! Which is why we have an application process. All of our members are vetted by the BBS team to make sure we only accept people with integrity, who share our values and who will benefit massively from being on the inside.

Our members have collectively made millions of dollars, have had their businesses exposed to millions of people and have shared stages with celebrities like Gary Vee and Les Brown.

But none of that is important if you can't trust the person behind it all.

Hey, my name is Des and I’m a branding psychology addict who lives with a cat-demon named Lucifurr.

When I started my business, it took me only 8 months to have $100 000 in the bank – but I hate talking about money and I’m way more passionate about my craft than I am about making money.

Don’t get me wrong… money’s awesome. It has enabled me to provide for my parents, grandparents and Lucifurr, even though he has his own business as The Branding Kitty.
I’ve had a pretty dynamic business journey, but that didn’t happen until I realized something that has kept me up at night ever since.

See, 2 years ago, I had bought all the branding courses, books and resources I could get my hands on…

From the $2200 course created by the most popular branding expert of the time (who doesn’t even teach branding any longer), to a $5 ebook from a Harvard professor – I spent a lot of money I didn’t even have.

Eagerly sitting in front of my laptop, devouring everything and hoping it would lead me to educate myself to the point where I could teach branding as well…

I’d never been more disappointed. I didn’t see a single resource that provided real, actionable, in-depth strategies for growing, launching or scaling a brand.

Wiping the tears that fell down my face because of all the money I thought I’d lost, I realized something that should have hit sooner.

I had just finished my master degree in branding. I had spent the past year working for $8/hour, helping clients make millions from my expertise. If all these people selling mediocre resources could do it… then I sure as hell could do it too.

BBS was created in a tiny, dark room in my Copenhagen apartment located on top of a car shop. (real photo)

I quickly discovered how many people needed help with branding and BBS soon became the most successful membership site of its type, our members deeming it "incomparable" to others and "life-changing".

BBS completely changed my life! My income increased by 67% in my first few months in BBS! And that's before I started a brand new business that will, in the next two years, make over a million in revenue! I never even thought this would be possible for me.

Anna IkerteFounder of GrowSafe Associates

Debora Luzi, Business Mentor

Juliette Stapleton, Visibility Expert

Answer from our anonymous BBS survey

In other words, my clients are killing it – from landing 5-figure deals to going on book tours and national speaking tours, to becoming Forbes contributors, building a multiple 6-figure business in merely months, running their 7-figure businesses like the bosses they are…

…without feeling sleazy, working 12-hour days or not finding the time to go on vacation.

Life is good when you know how to tap into the power of branding.

Being part of our community is the best choice you’ll make if you:

  • Understand the importance of branding but haven’t found a place where you can find all the resources you need
  • Want to be part of a place where you can ask for feedback without feeling judged or pressured
  • You’ve done a good job with your business so far, but you crave the best environment to help you grow or scale
  • Want to be able to get help on every aspect of your business and make sure it’s aligned with your brand

You don’t have to be a part of BBS – plenty of other communities there. We’ve seen it all… people promising new trainings, but delivering old content.
People boasting about getting their clients on Thrive Global and iHeart Radio, which you can do in your own in about 30 seconds…

We don't use sleazy marketing tactics. We just share results.

The best part? It doesn’t matter what stage in your business you’re in.

From millionaires to startups, we have it all – and that’s what makes us unique

The reason it’s possible to run a community with such a variety of industries, experiences and even nationalities is simple:

Branding is essential no matter what business you have, how much money you're making or what your challenges are.

Every time you sell, your marketing needs to go hand in hand with your branding.

Every time you write a blog post, your copy needs to be aligned with your brand.

Every time you’re interviewed, strike a partnership, pitch to investors, go on stage… your brand has to be top notch.

Think of BBS as your unfair advantage in a world full of unclear value propositions, inauthentic marketing and false advertising.

Because you won’t have to resort to any of that when you have a million dollar understanding of how branding works on a daily basis.

In BBS, we get almost 24/7 personal attention from Des and we all deeply care about each other - it makes the journey so much smoother! I've finally learned how important a community is if you're an entrepreneur. The diversity of people and experiences and their openness are the biggest plus for me. We have a great variety of professionals - the maturity of our businesses differs, so we're able to share our experiences and support each other. After I joined, I also realized how easy it is to connect with new prospects through live streaming - and doing it with a super supportive community is so much easier & more effective! My visibility was boosted immediately!! The BBS Show really helped me get more exposure across platforms and I have 4 times more viewers than if I do it alone - that's the power of it! What makes BBS unique is the challenges that we have on a monthly basis. It's so much easier when you know that others are in the same boat as you.

Rita ThomassenBusiness mentor

You shouldn't.

I don’t think you should trust anyone no matter how many testimonials or results you see. Trust is built overtime. Don’t trust me just yet – trust your own gut. There’s nothing more powerful than that!

As for me, I’m an award-winning brand strategist with a loyal tribe of over 100 000 people and a brand that has made me wealthier than most others on my continent. I work with business owners just like you, who want to build powerful, authentic brands that make a difference. I’ve been running communities since I was 15, so I know a thing or two about helping people push through their challenges and move forward. I’m the brand strategist other brand strategist come to learn from.

My squad is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, vlogger, blogger, podcaster, author or speaker. Support? Networking? Accountability? Challenges? Exposure? Powerful brandstorming? We’ve got it all.

What makes BBS different

Other communities exist – many of ’em. Both paid and free ones. However…

None of them will help you understand how every single action you take can be more profitable, with the sheer power of branding.

Business communities that are not branding-oriented will only give you half of what you need.
Branding communities that only focus on branding won’t even give you that.

That’s why BBS is everything you need to grow and scale your business – in one fascinating, groundbreaking place.

In BBS, you have a full team supporting you – we’re not a one-man operation where the founder is so overwhelmed, they rarely have time to even look at your messages.

Meet the BBS team:

Desislava Dobreva


Des is active on Discord daily, to make sure you get support on all your business-related questions. She also hangs out on our personal and health-related Discord channels, making sure she nurtures a relationship with each member.

Darren Danks

Community Manager

Darren is the brilliant mind that runs BBS behind the scenes. Take any membership-related questions or concerns to him and he’ll make sure you’re well taken care of!

Sushmita Jain

Community Support Manager

Sushmita is the one making sure you know how to manage your membership – from logging into the membership site, to upgrading/downgrading or canceling (oh no!) your subscription, go to her for any tech-related questions.

Guna Meldere

Brand stylist

Guna is our fairy branding godmother, taking care of the design, visual identity and flow of our membership site. Being Des’ right hand, she’s super busy, so she doesn’t directly answer any member queries, but you can feel her touch everywhere in BBS.

Here's what you'll get if you're accepted

  • Weekly mastermind calls
  • Monthly Implementation Day
  • Accountability calls
  • 24/7 support on our Discord channel
  • Exclusive content library with over 100 in-depth trainings
  • Powerful community and networking
  • Accountability partners
  • Weekly live brand audits for members

Getting quality advice and support is a minefield these days – but it feels damn good to be in a place full of it, with vetted experts from over 20 different industries.

In BBS, our members often collaborate, ask each other for advice, build life-long friendships and end up hiring each other.

It feels good when so many people have you back and are there for both moral and business support.

(snippet from our membership site)

There are 5 main ways to learn in BBS:

  • Weekly Calls – Our 2-3 hour Zoom calls with Des. The dates and times of our calls shift each week to make sure members from every time zone can join, and are announced a month in advance.
  • Discord Channels – Our main communication platform where the discussions flow 24/7. We have 4 channels – business, health, spiritual and personal. The health channel features our BBS health experts who are regularly online to give you advice on any health-related issues.
  • The BBS project – A step-by-step course taking you from 0 to scaling your business to 6-7 figures. Each training has tasks you can complete in the Units section in our Facebook group
  • Content Vault – In-depth trainings by Des and experts on a multitude of business-related topics, ready for you to dive into. From branding, marketing and sales-oriented trainings, to content on mindset, dealing with trolls and protecting your brand with trademarks – we’ve got it all! Our content vault is separated into 4 main categories, depending on how far along you are in your business – Plan and strategize your brand, Build & launch your brand, Grow your brand, Scale your brand.
  • Implementation Days – Our monthly 4-hour zoom calls, each led by a different expert. The Implementation Days are focused on completing tasks during the calls – creating pitches for publications, updating your LinkedIn account, creating content for your social media platforms, crafting your first chatbot sequence… we’re all about the implementation here!

If you thought I wasn’t going to give you any bonuses for taking focused action and applying…. YOU’D BE RIGHT!

Kidding. Of course, there are bonuses!


Access to Royalty Branding – my no BS, in-depth training experience on building a powerful brand (Sold for $1000).


Access to Zero to Badass – my Instagram course walking you through building a profitable and engaging Instagram presence (Sold for $297)

Want all the bonuses? Grab our annual membership and save $600, plus…


Access to all of my masterclasses – from building and launching your next course, to rebranding, to optimizing your content for sales… you’ve got it all! (Value: $776)


Access to my Little Branding Playbook, my best-selling branding resource that will always have a place on your desk (Sold for $97).


A 1:1 strategy session with Des – the direction of the session is up to you (Sold for $800)

Oh, and guess what? When you’re in, you’ll get a personal recommendation on which trainings you should begin with and which membership perks you should take advantage of to get started!

Consider any overwhelm avada kedavra’d!

Apply to get access to all of our juicy membership perks now:

Basic membership

Minimum 6 months commitment, then cancel anytime

  • Access to our content vault
  • Access to weekly Mastermind Calls
  • Access to monthly Implementation Calls
  • Access to Discord channels
  • Access to social media engagement groups
  • Access to accountability partners
  • Access to The “BBS Project”: a brand-building program included in your membership



Annual Membership

Pay in full and get 33% off

  • Everything from Basic Membership
  • Savings of $600 for the year
  • One deep-dive business strategy call with Des (Value: $800)
  • Access to all of Des’ masterclasses (Value: $776)
  • Access to the Little Branding Playbook (Value: $97)

$ 1200/year


Minimal Membership

Cancel or upgrade anytime

  • Access to the content vault
  • Access to recordings of weekly mastermind calls
  • Access to Implementation Day recordings
  • Access to Des via email

Important: No access to Mastermind Calls, Facebook group or Discord channel!

$ 59/month


Got questions that aren't answered on this page?
Head over to our live chat (we're cool like that) or find the answer below:

Is BBS for me? Why should I join?

The only person who can know that for sure is you – but, ultimately, the only 2 reasons BBS could not be for you is if you think the membership fee would be a financial burden for you, or if you prefer to do everything alone, without any help. BBS will be valuable for you regardless of how much money you’re making, what industry you’re in or how evolved your business is. Here’s why Debora thinks BBS is the right choice for you:

What if I can't afford the membership fee?

Then don’t join. I’m not going to be the person to tell you to pull out your credit card – everybody who knows me, knows that I don’t believe in taking people’s last dime. If you simply don’t have the money, don’t join. If, however, you still want to be a part of BBS in any way possible, check out our brand new Minimal Membership – it fits any budget and it will give you exactly what you need to soon be able to upgrade your membership.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course, there is! If during the first 14 days after you’ve been accepted, you decide there’s nothing valuable about your BBS membership, you can cancel it (with written notice in the form of an email sent to and get your membership fee refunded.

How much personal attention will I get from Des if I'm accepted?

Des hangs out on the Discord channel daily and answers every single question asked in the business channel. She also gives 15 minutes to each person on the weekly BBS mastermind calls, to ask for help, advice and feedback. If you’re a VIP member, you’ll get a direct 1:1 line for communication with her and the rest of the team. Bottomline, if you expect Des to personally reply to your Facebook messages 24/7, that won’t be happening, because (even though she refuses to admit it), she’s not a robot. You will, however, never be left with an unanswered plea for help or unsupported. That’s why we have Des + a full team that has your back at any time. We’ve never seen a membership with so much personal attention from its owner. Which is exactly what Fernando can tell you.

My business is already doing well. What can BBS do for me?

A lot. In BBS, we have different kinds of business owners income-wise: we’ve got millionaires, people on the verge of making a killing, people who are not quite there yet – and even startups. Because of the versatility of our membership, we can serve you regardless of how well you’re doing financially. If you’re doing really well already, you’ll benefit massively from our content centered on scaling, from our mastermind calls and from the community that will always have your back. We recommend going for the VIP membership option. Your learning would be focused on protecting your brand, investing opportunities, scaling with paid advertising, etc. Here’s why Gregory, one of our multi-millionaire BBS members, stays in BBS:

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership at any time?

Yes, you can! However, if you joined as a Basic member and chose to pay monthly, you can’t downgrade to the Minimal membership until 6 months have passed (as clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions with an explanation as to why).

See You on the Other Side!