My name is Des Dobreva and when I’m not traveling or filming “The Branding Queen” show…

I focus on helping entrepreneurs build brands that leave a legacy. Brands that are Powerful, Profitable and popular.

I know what you’re thinking (my cat’s psychic and he told me).

Too many scammers out there. People pretending they walk the talk, when all they do is… promise you the world and give you a tiny little village in Nova Scotia instead. You’re tired of wannabe “experts” seemingly wanting to help you build your brand and scale your business, but caring only about your wallet.

Desislava Dobreva

Stereotype Fighter / Brand Strategist / Chief Badass

My name is Desislava & I'm a location-independent business owner & live stream fanatic.

I've build a brand with 40 000+ followers on social media and I spend my days teaching others how to get visible... and gain the confidence to share their own message.

I'm also an international speaker - and not just because it sounds cool. Well, partly because it sounds cool. I just feel best when I'm speaking to as many people as possible and impacting their lives.

Leaving Bulgaria - the poorest country in the EU - and building a business abroad has been tough.

But thank God I did it, or otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

That would be a shame, right?

Wanna chat?

Shoot me a message.

The simple truth is…

You want to stop spending time online without hitting your income goals, get rid of the overwhelm that hangs over you like a dark cloud and let go of the hidden jealousy of others doing better than you with less work.

You want to understand how to build a brand that people remember, overcome the guilt that you’re not good enough and reclaim your sanity.

But right now… that’s not your reality, is it?

You fantasize about the day you’ll hit the GO LIVE button and hundreds of people will rave about your content and ask about your services.

A little piece of you is holding out hope that you’ll have a brand that everybody knows, a wildly profitable online business and the ability to effortlessly secure interviews and features in big publications.

See, I’ve been building communities since I was 15 – so you can say I know a thing or two about what I’m doing.

Care about my professional experience? Well, of course you do. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t do your research! Here’s my LinkedIn profile where you can learn all about my projects and work experience.

In short, as a TEDx speaker, published author anda successful brand strategist with a loyal tribe and a brand that stands out in the cluttered online world, I work with entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Create a powerful brand that sticks to people’s minds more than that annoying nail glue I used to have when I was 16.
  • Position themselves as authorities in their niche and stand out
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm, procrastination and guilt that they’re not doing enough
  • Stop comparing themselves to others and find a way to showcase their uniqueness instead

I want people who care about changing lives. Making the world a better place. Misfits. Visionaries. Changemakers. I’m all about authentic growth – if you want fast, superficial results, I’m not your girl.

I believe all of us can build powerful and profitable brands in a genuine way: the real challenge is finding the guidance and support to get us there.

Because when you find the people who push you forward, you’ll be able to share your message with the world and get paid doing it.

When you join BBS, you get access to everything I know about branding, social media growth strategies and building a business online.

I’m not your typical industry professional: working with me means I’ll encourage you, but also push you to become a better and more productive version of yourself, which will directly reflect on your business.

You can expect to understand exactly what steps to take to build a brand you love and your ideal clients resonate with.

Here’s the thing though: I’m not gonna keep telling you I’m legit. I’m not gonna try and WOW you with all the people I’ve helped. Sure, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, helped them scale their multi-million dollar businesses, leave their jobs and retire their partners.

But I’ll do you one better: I’ll invite you to join my free community so that you can get a small preview of what joining BBS would mean for you.

Something you may not know about me is… I grew up in a country branded as the poorest nation in the European Union. I’ve had to struggle with¬†poverty and abuse more times than I can count. That feeling… of not being good enough – you’ve felt that at least once, right?

I felt it every day for many, many years – mostly because everyone around me told me I’m not good enough – from my teachers to my parents.

Leaving my home to study my master degree in Denmark was a huge leap – and the only way I managed to survive was to wash dishes for a living.

Fast forward to today… I don’t regret any of the choices I’ve made or the people I’ve listened to.

If they hadn’t told me I’m not good enough, I never would have tried this hard.

I don’t need anybody else to believe in me today. I’m my own hero – and so are you.

Remember: believe in yourself and everybody else will. Tell your story… and then tell it again.

Before I’m done, I think this is usually the place where people try to be cute by sharing some of their hobbies and interests. Well, lately I’ve been enjoying speaking at events all over the world and coming up with creative ideas for my live streaming shows.

I also love cuddling with cat Lucifurr who is almost warming up to the idea of human hugs.

the branding queen

Now… I know you wanna connect with me all over social media. Let me make it easy on you! You can find me as @desdobreva everywhere.